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If your partner is cheating, you deserve to know

If you have the feeling your partner is seeing someone else, it can be very distracting and upsetting for you. It is only natural for you to want proof, one way or another. At Heartbreakers private investigators, we are the team you can rely on to provide the necessary evidence you required to clarify your suspicions. Our experienced team of investigators specialise in infidelity investigations and will handle your case with professionalism, care and discretion. Our Director and lead investigator Luke Athens personally overviews all cases that heartbreakers undertake, ensuring your investigation meets his standards. Would you like to know more about Luke or heartbreakers? You can learn more about Heartbreakers and what our team of private investigators can provide by researching our website or by a simple, confidential phone call on 1300 738 400. You can trust our team to keep your matter 100% confidential at all times along with obtaining the necessary results you need.

We know the right approach to get you the evidence

With verifiable experience since 1996 in all types of infidelity investigations, we can quickly identify the best way to investigate whether or not your partner is cheating. Many times, the opportunity to obtain evidence is very slim. That’s why it’s critically important to choose a private investigator who is skilled in the area of infidelity and who can therefore identify precisely where, how and when the best time to gather that proof you are desperately seeking. This is exactly what Heartbreakers excel at. We take the time to listen to your concerns so we can recommend the best type of investigation to pursue. Our services include partner surveillance, background checks, inquiries and a complete forensic service, meaning we can screen a wide range of electronic devices for evidence alongside with social media and internet investigations. This also can include retrieving deleted sms, photos, emails from phones and computers. Meta data, social media and internet investigations have boomed as of recent as partners are connecting to many people via social media.

Private investigation services Australia wide

As a specialist in infidelity and partner investigations, you can trust Heartbreakers to get the job done right, first time. There are many private investigators out there, but with Heartbreakers, you are drawing on the skills of a team who are specialist in the area of infidelity and partner investigations. What this means is that our specialized hand picked team of private investigators know how to blend in to a wide range of environments such as restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs so they can discreetly obtain the evidence you are looking for. Perhaps you’ve never used the services of a private investigator before? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. From your first dealings with us, you will experience the professionalism, capability and insight Heartbreakers has to offer. We will explain how we work as well as our fees, so you will be reassured that our private investigation services are the best choice for you.