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Our mission is to provide you with a highly personal experience that is carefully tailored to your individual needs and desires. We strive to achieve this by having the same person work with you throughout the whole process in order to make sure that all your needs and expectations are met and that everyone involved on the project understands your vision and knows which details matter to you the most.

Our style is not a result of any formula. We simply take your vision and make it a reality, giving it our unique signature along the way. We use everything in our arsenal to deliver a product that will represent you and your personality best. Our attention to detail mixed with modern, photo-journalistic, candid and unique allows us to capture the emotions and details that make wedding uniquely yours.

You will be actively involved in the post-production process. You will choose music for your film and images for your album and review and approve each step of post-production so that your project is completed just the way you want it. Wedding photography and cinematography are closely connected and having an experienced team that specializes in both is very important. Due to the nature of event we don’t have a luxury of retakes. VisualMasters photographers and cinematographers have been working together for years, and that is a great advantage over single operation studios.