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Long range RFID Readers and Tags

Long range RFID readers and tags combined with AK11 tracking devise form part of our hardware combination solution called EYE FIND

How RFID tags work with our tracking devise.

The vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracking devise combined with our RFID reader. Each unique tag continuouslyĀ pings the readers. The tracker in the vehicle then sends the data to your tracking portal identifying the tag name and its current or last know location. These tags can be placed on any item, such as equipment attachments, skip bins or valuable equipment.

The readers and tags are designed for long range applications. The unique design of the tags limit the problems associated with electronics parts that are easily broken my impact or vibrations.

The simplicity of just an antenna and a long life battery that can last up to ten years all embedded in resin. A simple but effective component made to last out in the field.

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