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Protect against theft and monitor non powered assets and equipment

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Eye Secure provides a solution for businesses and individuals wanting to protect their assets from theft. In conjunction to asset security you will have full access to the suite of features offered by the Wialon tracking system.

The design of the AS1 tracking unit tailors specifically to monitoring mobile non powered assets. It provides total protection against temperature, dust, and water spray. This allows it to maintains its durability and enables its use within any industry.

The unit also has a primary battery life of up to 3 years. This is ideal for long term deployments such as containers, sensitive cargo, bins & non powered equipment. As the unit is all self contained and secure, it can be placed in or on any type of cargo without the risk of damage.

Other features include the attachment of earth magnets suitable for fast mounting installation. This allows units to swap between assets as required to save money, and track more efficiently.


Who Currently Uses Eye Secure?


Waist management:

Waste management companies utilise Eye Find on their bins to keep track of which bins are being used by which vehicles. They can see when a bins been dropped off, or even when a bin has been returned and stored in the warehouse.

Rental equipment:

Rental equipment companies use the RFID tags on non-powered equipment so that they know in real time what equipment they have available, and what equipment has been rented.

Farm machinery:

Farm attachments get placed with RFID tags so that they can be managed. Know which attachments are being used by any vehicle, and when they have been swapped for other attachments.


Benefits of asset security:


Asset thefts account for thousands to millions of dollars worth of damage across both small and large businesses. Thieves target small business owners as their assets are more likely to be un-secured. Meanwhile, large businesses are also targeted as they fail to keep track of all of their assets all at once. If you want to be secured against the possibility of theft and minimise your annual loss, consider Eye Secure.

Another benefit is asset management. Asset management is a highly valuable feature that isn’t widely available. Our solution is perfect for those wishing to know when and where their attachments have been. Manage your attachments with Eye Secure.


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