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Eye Track & Snap - Tracking with Auto Camera snap shots

Eye Track & Snap - Tracking with Auto Camera snap shots


Eye Track & Snap consists of ATrack AU7 Sensor is the most advanced vehicle tracking device that uses mobile communication technology. This unit has an array of inputs and outputs. This allows multiple sensors readings and switchers to be adopted as part of the users control feature.
This solution is most popular in the waste management industry specifically commercial waist management for delivery and pick up of waist bins. The solutions is customized to take a picture of all bins picked up. The allocator can then justify to the customer that the bin was over filled.
All GPS sensor data and picture history is stored for 400 days.
Not limited to waste management this solution can be customised to suit all industries.
Special consideration can be considered for tracking the actual bin by using the Eye Secure Solution as a combination system. This will locate all your positions of every one of bins.
Who currently use our Eye Track & Snap
Waste management, Transport & Logistics

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