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Garmin and AU7 Navigation Routing and Communication System :
Your dispatchers can now send information directly to the drivers via mobile data network. It is to way
communication feature allows for Job Dispatch, Stop Points, Two way text to Driver & Routing direct to
Stop points.
Garmin FMI navigator provides Fleet Management solutions providing the ability to communicate directly
with operator. Drivers now have a “screen” in their vehicle for real-time navigation, messaging, and job
dispatch.It is now even easier to talk and exchange data with drivers! The tracking system users can not
only send SMS to drivers’ personal contact number, but also communicate with them directly via
navigation device connected to AVL.
This unique feature is enabled for Garmin navigation devices (eg: dēzl™ 770).To use the feature, connect
it to our ATrack AL7 GPS tracker installed on the vehicle.
Sending messages to the navigation device, receiving replies from the driver, and sending the driver the
coordinates of a location on the map using the Send Coordinates command can easily be done through
this application. By accepting the command, the driver will upload the coordinates to his navigation
device, selecting a suitable route and proceeding to his destination.

Supported Hardware

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