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Eye Track

Shock proof and water resistant with back up battery and internal antennas. Used for all industries including motor bikes and water crafts

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GPS Tracking with Eye Track


Being our most popular GPS tracking option, Eye Track can be applied to suit any solution. To learn about our specialised tracking solutions see our other EyeInTheSky GPS tracking solutions. Eye Tracks tracking System (available through desktop and mobile), allows complete flexibility and control when it comes to tracking your assets.

The general features include GPS tracking and monitoring, 400 days of stored data activity, reporting, geofencing, remote shutdowns  and a host of other functionalities. Even if these features aren’t utilised, the flexibility of the Wialon tracking system allows us to tailor the system to suit your exact requirements.

For the Eye Track solution we recommend our flagship GPS unit. It contains a backup battery with internal GSM and GPS antennas which are all contained within the casing. Additionally, the casing is water, dust and shock resistant detouring unwanted damages. For this reason, the unit can excel within Logistic and Earth moving environments.


Industry Examples:


Track a fleet of trucks and monitor their logistics and driving behaviour. Use this data to create reports that automatically generate on a schedule that suits your needs.

Keep control of all of your expensive Earth-moving vehicles to protect against theft. Receive notifications from any device as soon as it has been towed or stolen. Additionally, track it’s location through the internal battery while its on the run.

Dramatically increase your workforce productivity by ensuring your workers are. Track their location, speed and more for 400 days and bring the evidence straight to them.

Track the location of vehicles with the Iridium network for full coverage cross the globe even without a GPS signal.


Benefits of using Eye Track:


Eye track has undeniable success when it comes to security, workforce management, logistics and more. Consider a tracker in your vehicles if you want to ensure absolute control over your fleet, and live stress free knowing we have the security of your vehicles handled.


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