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Combining the Sat Com and GSM Network

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Used for remote tracking in outback locations where the GSM network is not available. The majority of industries that use this solution are mining companies and long haul transport carriers working in the Australian outback. Its imperative that position data from vehicles is available at all times. Special alert systems are implemented for the protection of worker and assets. This is why we use Telstra GSM and Iridium Satellite communication modems to transfer data with uninterrupted communications.
Eye SatCom uses a combination of ATrack AU7 and Iridium Satellite Communication which allows both GSM and Sattelite Communication.
Then when Telstra Network is in range The AU7 connects and sends GPS data using the local network. If GSM is lost the Satellite Iridium modem cuts in and starts sending data via satellite communication. Both units use AT commands which makes it easier to program and set relative parameters to preform special functions.
best used for mining & gas companies, long haulage transport and shipping companies around Australia and the world.

Supported Hardware

Iridium GSM Communication

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