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Wialon Logistics Android and IPhone App

Works in conjunction with Wialon Tracking Systems


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Wialon Logistics App is the perfect solution for mobile employees in delivery services. Wialon Logistics is
a program designed to control all stages of delivery and field services operations. This App allows to
perform all the activities in the area of logistics and delivery – transportation arrangements, optimization
of transport processes and cost saving. The Wialon Logistics consists of a web-version for dispatchers
and a mobile application for drivers. Web-version ensures effective order placement, planning and
distribution, Google Maps-based routing, operating procedures management and delivery process
monitoring and coordination. Logistics mobile app is designed for delivery men and mobile
employees who currently using our Wialon Logistics, Couriers, Parcel Logistics, Waste management,
Delivery and field services.

Supported Hardware

ATrack AL7 – 3G Sealed GPS Unit


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ATrack AL11 4GLTE

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ATrack AU7

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