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Wailon Australia Platform
Eye & Wialon product line is the ultimate solution for intelligent GPS tracking and fleet management. Companies from all over the world choose Wialon since it utilizes a powerful set of technologies to keep customers aware of the vehicles’ whereabouts, condition, status and geographical location. As of 2016, there are more than 900 Wialon-compatible tracking devices, including personal trackers and automobile controllers. Additionally, your smartphone can function as a fully-featured GPS-tracker with special software installed.

Basic functionality:

  • Fleet performance analysis
  • Workforce performance analysis
  • Workforce performance analysis
  • Routing service
  • Route optimization
  • Route check points visit control
  • Security control
  • Engine-hours and machine hours control
  • Address searching
  • Nearest units searching
  • Handy management system

Extra functionality:

  • Fuel consumption accounting, fuel theft and fuel filling accounting
  • Driving behavior/Eco Driving
  • Temperature control
  • CAN-bus data parameters reading
  • Doors opening detection
  • Alarm button
  • Remote engine shutdown
  • Communication with driver
  • Integration with Maxoptra scheduling and route optimization software platform

A perfect tool for business data analysis and visualization. Fleet performance analysis is based on data from such indicators as mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours, average and maximum speed, idling, geofences, driving time.

The app provides a possibility either to receive charts on the basis of any chosen parameter or carry out comparative analysis on the basis of two parameters.

You may choose chart template: linear, circular or bar charts. The charts have flexible settings, for instance, fuel consumption for several weeks or just for today. You can build all the diagrams

Online Monitoring: Tracks and Minimaps

Track Player application:

  • Track Player allows to create multiple tracks and play them simultaneously.
  • Event markers with information in tooltips are displayed on the map.
  • Unit moves on the map smoothly.
  • Convenient interface to navigate the timeline.
  • Option to change playback speed.
  • Option to change playback speed.
  • Track color depends on several parameters (speed, sensor values, etc.) and may vary.

Online Notifications on Mobile

Receive notifications by email, SMS or in a popup window if a certain event occurs (e.g. a unit violates speed limit, an alarm button is pressed, sensor values have changed, connection is lost, idling is detected or a unit arrives at a control point). Places where the event/violation took place are marked on the map. The notification text as well as the time of the event/violation is displayed in the popup window.

Online monitoring – instant notifications

You will appreciate the adaptive design and convenient display of various asset properties, which contributes to the user- friendly and handy mobile interface.

The events catalogue will give you a brief overview of all trips and stops with detailed track history available on each. The drag-and-drop menu helps to visualize the vehicle data in a manageable and customizable manner. Once you’ve selected a unit, the map is scaled and centered to the asset location.

Map layers from the list of available (Gurtam, Google or OpenStreetMaps) maps can be selected in User Settings. For convenient use of Wialon Mobile App, the rapid switch from the menu to the Dashboard app has been implemented, bringing the key vehicle KPIs to your fingertips.

Wialon mobile app is available to Android and iOS users.

Fuel Consumption Control Fuel level analysis (chart).

eWialon Hosting users can track the history of fuel fillings over any period of time on the chart.

A click on a chart point lets you see the vehicle’s location and fuel level at the moment.

For the purpose of comprehensive analysis the system uses fuel level sensor readings or CAN data.

Fuel Consumption Control

eWialon Hosting users can track the history of fuel fillings over any period of time on the chart.

A click on a chart point lets you see the vehicle’s location and fuel level at the moment.

For the purpose of comprehensive analysis the system uses fuel level sensor readings or CAN data.

Fuel Consumption Control

You can receive chart reports on all fuel fillings and thefts (with date, precise time, unit location and initial fuel level value).

Using the reports, you can easily analyze fuel consumption over a given period of time and compare it to the standard fuel consumption rate. The statistics on each unit and the whole fleet is available.

Service Logbook

Mileage and Machine Hours

The following columns can be included in the table:

  • Time of service and fuel filling
  • Registration time (time when the event was registered)
  • Expenses (costs) — service or fuel fillings
  • Description (added upon event registration)
  • Location (added upon event registration)
  • Quantity (fuel fillings and service sessions)
  • Notes (an empty tab where you can add comments)

Driver Behavior Monitoring Route Control

The following columns can be included in the table:

Wialon users can receive notifications when a unit enters or leaves a certain geofence. Notifications can be sent via email or SMS. Notifications can also be registered in the system and shown in reports or pop-up windows. Route Control

Route Control

Eco Driving module is available for all users of Wialon fleet management system. The tool is intended to improve fleet safety, save on fleet maintenance, reducefuel costs and enhance cargo safety.

Eco Driving module has a range of configuration tools to build a comprehensive and flexible driving quality assessment model and leverage data from hardware accelerometers.

The assessment model depends on the violation criteria and coefficients thatcan be set for each vehicle individually.

It uses penalty points, which, along with other criteria, can be set up in the Eco Driving tab of the unit properties. Each violation adds penalty points, which fleet managers should try to minimize.

Penalty points are calculated for each trip, and can thenbe summed up or averaged out according to time or distance travelled

We distinguish 6 criteria types that can be used as basis for violations:
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering Turn
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Custom

Eco Driving by Gurtam provides a detailed presentation of driving quality for each vehicle in a fleet in a user-friendly visual format. You get access to the details on violations and tracks on the map, which reflects specific points where those violations took place

Advanced Report Building Capabilities

Report templates contain information as charts and diagrams. You can also choose table content, tabs and sections order, map visualization and other parameters.

Basic functions of report templates:

  • Add as many charts and diagrams as you want.
  • Present any parameter according to your needs.
  • Choose and receive relevant data.
  • Rename tabs and charts.
  • Arrange and manage sections the way you need.
  • Advanced functions of report templates:
  • Build group reports.
  • Upload data into HTML, Excel and PDF files.
  • Quick printing.


WiaTag is an effective and easy-to-use app turning your device into a personal GPS tracker. You don’t need to search for a separate device anymore —— just use your Android- or iOS-based smartphone, tablet or other mobile device instead.

Server connection only requires a unit in Wialon system and Internet connection for first-time authorization. WiaTag allows for highly accurate location detection through using Google Fused.

It also provides an opportunity to send pictures, alarms and text messages at a click with remote application management also available.

The app offers extended pre-setting capabilities, including flexible motion detection, data collection and location detection settings for prolonged battery life with high quality of tracks preserved.

Getting started is easy: create a unit in Wialon system, install the app on your smartphone and enter unique ID of the unit. Try it now to make sure that with WiaTag you get the best!


Sensolator application constitutes a convenient control panel to monitor any number of sensors at a visual interface.

The app is designed to monitor the performance of all the necessary sensors from one to any number of units tracked.

You can display and control all the parameters while the number of displayed sensors is unlimited.

Sensolator is a fully customizable interface that enables real time assets management, simultaneously having access to different

parameters and key performance indicators of stationary and mobile assets. It also responds to the device faults via online alarm, SMS and email notifications.

The application provides a possibility not only to implement online monitoring over counters/sensors values, but also control changes of their values over a certain period of time (‘Today, ‘Yesterday’, ‘Week’).


Chatterbox application allows you not only to communicate with the driver, but also to control the vehicle by sending commands. Chatterbox enables communication between the dispatcher and the monitoring unit via Internet (TCP-, UDP-connection) or SMS.

Dispatchers can send either any address on the map or addresses of already existing geofences and POIs to drivers. Moreover Chatterbox allows to exchange images and photos, routes and coordinates. The app stores the messages history, so at any moment you can find messages by choosing necessary time intervals.

Tacho View

Tacho View application processes the data from tachograph files . It reflects driver’s activity on the basis of a ‘‘timeline’’ for better visual analysis. The app shows trip duration and rest time intervals of the registered driver. You can use a calendar (on the right side) to choose the necessary date. The calendar can also be scaled, if neecessary.

The entries are assessed in the following manner:

«Driver’s activity». Information is displayed in a table. By choosing the necessary date, user can see detailed driver’s activity over a specified period.

«Activity chart». The selected time period is divided into days, where the information is displayed in diagrams (markers correlate with certain activity characteristics).

Tacho Manager
  • With the help of Tacho Manager App you can remotely download driver’s data from tachographs and store it on Wialon Server.
  • The app also has a user-friendly interface which is designed for you to easily monitor information on the driver and his activities.
  • Another handy function is the Activity chart. If driver activity was detected, months are marked in green; otherwise, the table fields are white.
  • As for the equipment that reads tachograph data, there’s also an option to automatically download DDD-files.

Advance Your Business

    Features to advance your business:

  • Online tracking.
  • Fuel consumption control.
  • Service log maintenance.
  • Mileage
  • Route control.
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring.